GRITS Labor Day Ride Mon Sept 2nd 2013

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Metric Century 100km (62.1 miles)9:00am
Departing from the park in downtown Rockmart  you will bike west on the Silver Comet Trail to the Georgia/Alabama state line where the Chief Ladiga Trail begins. Take a break to hydrate and then head back east to the Grady Rd. Trail Head. Here you will leave the SCT and ride scenic back roads incorporating some of the routes of the former Tour de Georgia including Hightower Falls Rd., Everett Mtn. Rd. and Vinson Mtn. Rd.  After a steep downhill you will coast into historic VanWert and rejoin the SCT at the VanWert Trailhead. Return to the park in downtown Rockmart.

Bike & Blades ( 27 miles ) 9:15am
This ride departs from the park in downtown Rockmart and heads west on the Silver Comet Trail to the Welcome Center in Cedartown, GA. Take a short break to hydrate, checkout the Welcome Center, and then head east on the SCT to return to Rockmart.

Brushy Mountain Tunnel (13 miles) 9:30am
From the park in Rockmart, head east on the Silver Comet Trail. You will pass the old cotton gin, ride alongside Euharlee Creek, pass the old brick ovens in VanWert, and then scenic Coots Lake. After a gentle uphill ride of about 7 miles you will feel the constant cool breeze that flows through the Brushy Mountain Railroad tunnel. Your return to Rockmart is almost a continuous downhill ride back to the park. While riding on this former railroad bed note the steep sides and keep in mind that it was originally constructed using mules and manpower.

GRITS Labor Day Ride Mon Sept 3rd

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Bike the Metric Century (62.1 miles)
8:30 am Departing from Cedartown Welcome Center and bike East on Silver Comet Trail to Hutto Rd. Turn rt. & follow the marked route via county/State roads in Polk County. View the archway at the GA/ALA line and continue on the Chief Ladiga Trail to the Eubanks Welcome Center in Piedmont, AL. Return to Cedartown for lunch via the SCT. This Metric Century includes winding roads with pastoral scenery and variable elevations. It is moderate ride and should not be attempted unless you are in excellent condition.
Bike & Blades ( 47 miles )
8:45am This ride will depart from the Welcome Center and head West on the Silver Comet Trail to the AL/GA state line through scenic rolling hills and countryside in the western part of Polk County, GA. The ride will continue on the Chief Ladiga Trail to Eubanks Welcome Center in Piedmont, AL and then return to the Cedartown Welcome Center on the trails. The ride is easy to moderate if you are in good condition.
Bike and Blades (27 miles )
9:00am Depart from the Cedartown Welcome Center and travel East on the SCT to Seaborn Jones Park in Rockmart. Return to the Welcome Center for Lunch. This route contains several large hills and is for experienced riders/bladers in great physical condition.
Ride the Comet to Bama & Back
(20 miles ) 9:15am Head West on the SCT from the Cedartown Welcome Center. Bike or Roller Blade to the Alabama State line. Take a short break for refreshments and then return to Cedartown.